[sane-devel] gscan2pdf v0.9.27 Page Size: top area cut

Crypto crypto at online.de
Thu Mar 12 18:39:35 UTC 2009


I have written about this before, I just do not know what has happened here 
since then and what the current state of this issue would be.

For scanning documents I use an Avision AV220 which nicely does the job.

For the actual scanning I use gscan2pdf v.0.9.27.

My problem is to find the proper page size settings.

The sheets I am scanning are size A4. Unfortunately, the top approx. 5mm of 
each sheet are not scanned or cut off while scanning as I can see in the 
preview in gscan2pdf.

I tried to fix that by setting the page size slightly larger than A4 but this 
only gives me additional scanned area at the bottom of each sheet. It does 
not affect the beginning of the scanned area on a particular sheet.

gscan2pdf offers a "left" and a "top" parameter which are set to 0 by default. 
I tried to use the "top" parameter to get negative offset (like -5mm) of the 
sheet, but gscan2pdf allows only positive offsets here.

By entering

scanimage --help

I have found out that the Avision AV220 offers a special command
--overscan-top 0..4mm [0]
        The top overscan controls the additional area to scan before the paper
        is detected.
    --overscan-bottom 0..4mm [0]
        The bottom overscan controls the additional area to scan after the
        paper end was detected.

which might help me to get the complete area of the sheets. This command could 
be added to the command line that gscan2pdf uses for scanning.

But how can I use it in gscan2pdf?

Thanks for any hint here,

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