[sane-devel] [sane-commit] CVS update of sane-backends/frontend (saned.c)

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Thu Mar 12 18:52:01 UTC 2009

Ilia Sotnikov <hostcc at gmail.com> wrote:


>> Please detail your change, and how it alters the behaviour of
>> check_host().
> Just as simple as it sounds - if the name lookup with local hostname
> failed, continue to check remote host (assuming that remote host
> address isn't the same as local one) rather then denied access for it.
> The name lookup could fail for obvious reasons - the local host isn't
> registered on DNS server participating in the process, or no DNS
> servers are configured (this I need to re-check).

gethostbyname() includes information from /etc/hosts, so that lookup
should not fail on any properly-configured system.

Please revert.


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