[sane-devel] Mac OS X: make errors

Peter Schoenrank peter at schoenrank.ca
Thu Mar 26 19:16:55 UTC 2009

My apologies for my tardy reply. I recently upgraded from Mac OS X  
10.3 to 10.5, and I have been busy learning about the (sometimes  
idiotic) differences.

On 09-Mar-25, at 14:00, Nicolas Martin wrote:

> Are you sure you got all the log trace in the scanimage.log file after
> the scanimage -T command ?


I am sure that Activity Monitor showed scanimage using 0.0 CPU for a  
very long time before I restarted my Mac.

I had to restart: nothing else I tried would stop the scanimage  
process. kill -9 and sudo killall didn’t work. Quit and Force Quit in  
Activity Monitor did not work. Closing the Terminal window didn’t  
work. Logging out and back in didn’t work.

> Looks like it suddenly hangs (in libusb), but no error is output.
> Do you get a core dump in /var/log/syslog or in /var/log/messages ?

No. I do not have a /var/log/syslog or a /var/log/messages.

/var/log/system.log does not go back that far and I don’t seem to have  
any old system.logs. Mac OS X 10.3 kept old logs around; why 10.5  
doesn’t seem to is yet another 10.5 peculiarity for me to investigate,  

> If you run the scanimage -T command without sending the output to a  
> log
> file, does it hang at the same place ?

That is my recollection, though I am not 100% certain. I will try  
again in the near future.

Peter Schoenrank
mailto: peter at schoenrank.ca
phone: 250-655-6753

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