[sane-devel] Problem with HP Scanjet 7450c - Avision backend

Wayne Sherman wsherman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 20:19:16 UTC 2009

m. allan noah wrote:
> no need to downgrade those.
> in fact, you can keep 1.0.19, just get the avision files out of 1.0.18 sources.
> If that works, we might revert our cvs copy.

I downgraded to 1.0.18r6 using the Gentoo portage repository.

The scanner worked with both scanimage and xsane.

Then I downloaded the 1.0.19r2 gentoo package and replaced three files 
with the ones from 1.0.18r6:

backend/avision.c		(225,740 bytes 06/06/2006 10:32:02 AM)
backend/avision.conf.in 	(543 bytes 06/06/2006 10:32:02 AM)
backend/avision.h		(18,719 bytes 06/06/2006 10:32:02 AM)

I compiled, installed, and tested.  I did not get any build errors.  It 
installed fine.  I am using the default /etc/sane.d/ conf files from 
1.0.19.  I tried xsane and it works properly.  No errors, and I get nice 



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