[sane-devel] xerox_mfp backend working on Samsung SCX4725 Series

Thomas Stolwijk thomas at t-en-c.nl
Sat Mar 28 22:16:42 UTC 2009

I've successfully used my multifunction Samsung SCX4725-FN with the xerox_mfp backend.

On lower resolutions (75-200 dpi) the colors seem to be off (e.g. b/w drawing shows colored lines instead of black lines)
300 and 600 dpi are fine.

Both flatbed and automatic document feeder work fine.

I'll continue to look into the color issue at lower resolutions. Any ideas on where to get started ?

Output from sane-find-scanner:

found USB scanner (vendor=0x04e8 [Samsung], product=0x341f [SCX-4725 Series]) at libusb:001:003



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