[sane-devel] Correct way to know if ADF is in use?

Mark Pemburn mark at pemburn.com
Wed May 27 22:07:57 UTC 2009

Hi y'all,

    Just got a Fujitsu fi-5120Cdj to play with and the contrast with my 
little Canon has provided a great education as I compare the features 
exposed by the SANE back ends.  The Fujitsu is a sheetfeed-only scanner 
and the Canon is a flatbed-only.  I have learned how to scan multi-page 
documents by looping over my "Scan" routine while the status is 
SANE_STATUS_EOF -- however, this won't work for the flatbed because it 
returns that same status when it's done.  Unless there's something I'm 
missing, it looks like the only way I can differentiate between the two 
actions is to have some way to tell whether I'm using an ADF or not.  
The "type" member of the SANE_Device structure for the Canon is "flatbed 
scanner" and the Fujitsu merely says "scanner" so that's no help.  The 
only other thing is to test whether the substring "ADF" appears in the 
currently selected "source" option but this seems kind of bogus.  Any 



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