[sane-devel] support of Canon Pixma MP270 0x04a9:0x173b

Nicolas Martin nicolas0martin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 20:52:32 UTC 2009

I started to look at MP640, and it looks like Canon has added some
additional xml dialog at the beginning and at the end of the classic
Pixma scan dialog, so this will require some changes to the pixma
backend to handle this. 

I'm suspecting situation will be the same for other new Pixma models
like MP270, so to have a clear view of that, could you get a scan usb
snoop log, acquired under Windows.

You can use Snoopypro.exe for that. You can record a log using
SnoopyPro.exe, that you can download from sourceforge.net:


Read instructions on SnoopyPro.exe, then try to record a scan session.

 => Select the device corresponding to the scanner, using its USB
address 04A9:173B

There will be ~4 devices holding this address.
The scanner should be the one indicated by: "MP270 ser"

You can recognize that it's the correct one, if you look at the frame
counter in SnoopyPro, it should increment only when your MP270 is
This is important ... in order to avoid having huge log files filled up
with useless data!

Also, choose a **small** area to scan, otherwise, there will be huge
amount of data.

Then, Save As ... the file (in menu), zip the log and send it back to


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