[sane-devel] CanoScan 8000F

Gernot Hassenpflug aikishugyo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 13:51:32 UTC 2010

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 12:45 PM, Michael Schmitt <mschmitt at unixkiste.org> wrote:
> someone had the urge to give me a Canon CanoScan 8000F /../

Hello Michael,
That sounds positive, welcome to the "Can Do" club :-) It is likely
this scanner uses also chips that are common to others---and which are
being worked on. As you've already taken it apart (good for you!) I
think it would be helpful to take a UsbSnoop of some simple (small,
low resolution) scans in Windows 2000 or XP (if you have access to
one) from which the format of the commands used should give a good
hint to the chipset.


If you need help with that, please ask.

Snooping is always helpful, for later development when the developer
needs more info and doesn't have such a scanner. However, in case the
scanner is already recognized by the latest SANE code, please try
downloading the current git snapshot of SANE CVS, and testing it with
"sane-find-scanner -v -v" or "scanimage -L -v -v" (SANE CVS by default
installs into /usr/local so should not interfere with you system SANE

> As said I did disassemble the device partly and can see some chips. The
> three most prominent ones are:
> EM638165TS-7
> (which most likely is just DRAM)

Indeed: 4Mega x 16 Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)

> st L6219DS
> 699AX0339
> (most likely the IC for the stepper motor?)


> EliteMT         100MHz
> M118416256A     -25J
> FPC1NJ085       0336
> (This one did puzzle me... according to google could be an IC or DRAM
> too)

No idea.

> There is one bigger area (about ca. 4*4cm) completely covered with a
> metal coat (like with TV-tuner-cards but a lot smaller) soldered on the
> circuit board and I assume the really interesting chip is hidden under
> there? I have to find my soldering iron, but I am willing to chop that
> hood off too... I guess...

If you feel confident you won't break the scanner... else a USB snoop
would be easier and probably safer.

Gernot Hassenpflug

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