[sane-devel] SANE source compilation problems

Ilmārs Poikāns ilmars at delibero.lv
Sun Apr 25 20:25:05 UTC 2010


I downloaded source from git repositories (sane-backends and sane-frontends)
and tired to compile them.

I have Ubuntu 9.10, needed dev library packages were there.

sane-backends configure, make, make install was fine.
sane-frontends configure failed.

I traced problem down to /user/local/bin/sane-config having line:
LIBS=" -ldl -lv4l1   -lm -ltiff -ljpeg  -lgphoto2 -lgphoto2_port -lexif -lm
-lusb       -lusb  @REGMGR_LIBS@"

When I deleted @REGMGR_LIBS@ from that line, then sane-frontends configure
run successfully. I didn't care about graphical frontends, so configure
disabled GUI. Previously gcc tried to find that file and failed to compile
some tests.

So, my first question - Is it normal to have something like
@REGMGR_LIBS at unreplaced with some text after sane-backends make

Then I got to second problem while making sane-frontends - compiling
scanadf.c failed, make reported error:
scanadf.c:995: error: ‘SANE_STATUS_WARMING_UP’ undeclared (first use in this

Source for SANE_STATUS_WARNING_UP undeclared problem was in
/usr/local/include/sane/sane.h (installed by make install in sane-backends)
on line 74. Missing define is deactivated with #if 0 line above. When I
changed "#if 0" to "#if 1" and enabled following two #define declarations,
sane-frontends make was successful finally.

Is it supposed to be so, that user needs to manually change something in
installed files to make sane successfully? Or I found a feature or bug?

Best regards,
Ilmars Poikans
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