[sane-devel] XSane and Tesseract

Michael CALDER mikecalder at optusnet.com.au
Thu Aug 5 01:28:24 UTC 2010

G'day Jeff,

Thanks again.

> I suspect that your scan settings were not the same. The
> resolution makes a difference - aim for 300 or 400dpi.

Spot on! I had just used the default and had not realised that it was at the
lower resolution. I set it to the 300 in the dropdown and the results
showing in the lower pane were perfect with the exception of the letterhead
which I never expect to get anyway.

There must have been a couple of very minor errors because when I selected
and saved the output in the lower pane to a *.txt file there were two
occurrences of the word 'If' with a capital "I" that then appeared as 'lf'
with a lower case "L" but as far as I am concerned that is as close to
perfect as I have ever had. Congratulation on a great app.

I have also now found the gscan2pdf-help List so will monitor that list in

I have one more minor problem; again of no great consequence.

I have tried to select ONLY the sensible text in the lower pane - this
highlights OK - and then try to save the selected part only to find that the
whole output in the lower pane is still saved.

I have just completed searching that list for 'save selection' and
'selection' but can find no clues on how to do this.

Is this possible at this stage?

Thanks again for a great application.



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