[sane-devel] API addition request

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Aug 24 08:06:11 UTC 2010


On Aug 20 11:50 m. allan noah wrote (shortened):

> Johannes- If we had two trees, and they used the same soname/soversion
> such that only one could be installed at a time, which one would SUSE
> ship? The old, no changes version, or the new, more features, might
> break some frontends version?

I would provide both in two separated RPMs with different RPM names
where both RPMs provide the same RPM capability "sane-backends"
but with mutual RPM conflicts tags to make sure that only one
can be installed at the same time.

Furthermore I would enhance our YaST scanner module to support
switching back and forth between them so that our users can
try out which they like more.

It would depend on user feedback (in particular during our
beta-tests for an upcomming openSUSE version) if we prefer
the old one to be installed by default or the new one.

We did the same kind of switching for our printing system:

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