[sane-devel] Can you Help?

D. Higginbotham Sr. dhigginbotham_sr at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 25 17:42:12 UTC 2010

1st email sent to Oliver Raunch per License Agreement and this email was bounched back.

I have read your web pages on your excellent application that I found =
while using PCLinuxOS v10 and was very very wow about what I discovered =
that was benefical to us at home due to schools PTA & Girl Scouts.
My problem is that I am trying to use sane on my WinXP and I have spend =
many hours reading and trying different editing in net.conf & dll.conf =
trying to get my Epson NX300 (works PCLinuxOS at via =
StylusBX300F/TX300F/NX300/ME Office600F) to work with Sane, but with =
after 3 days-no luck.
should you find the time would you Please provide any advise.
Thank You.

David Higginbotham

dhigginbotham_sr at sbcglobal.net
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