[sane-devel] pros and cons regarding --enable-pthread for Linux

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Fri Aug 27 10:45:07 UTC 2010


On Aug 26 20:41 m. allan noah wrote:
> Pthread is the default on other platforms because they generally don't
> let open usb device handles pass across a fork(). Since this works on
> Linux, and threads were so flaky all those years ago, non-threaded
> became the default for Linux. Honestly, I think it could be changed,
> but I don't think pthread is as well tested, since most user's use
> whatever their distro compiles :)

Then a question to the Linux distribution people on this list is
whether or not there is perhaps already a Linux distribution
which compiles sane-backends with the non-default configure
setting "--enable-pthread".

Or was this perhaps done in the past but because of
whatever issues it was changed back to the default?

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