[sane-devel] Backend for plustek Opticbook 3600

Michael Rickmann mrickma at gwdg.de
Mon Dec 6 07:12:40 UTC 2010

Hello Chris,

Am 05.12.2010 19:57, schrieb Chris Berry:
> Hey guys,
> So I have looked at Michael's code and tested it with my scanner. Good 
> news is this works and is nice and neat (you have saved me a shitty 
> job there Michael).
> I think it is probably time we committed this to the SANE repository 
> so we should stop developing the version in Michaels patch and look at 
> making sure it is up to standard to go into the repo.
Yes, that is certainly preferable.
> @Michael: do you mind if I add those patches to the project website?
Chris, please go ahead. I think you could remove some of my "Chris why" 
comments where you know. Should the scanner be added also to the 
genesys.conf and libsane.rules files?
> @Stef: could you advise on the next steps to adding this patch to the 
> SANE repository?
> Thanks very much Michael,
> Chris
Chris, I am glad that you started work on this scanner during your 
project and will bring it into sane git now.

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