[sane-devel] ScanMaker 3800

Armin Stebich coding at lordofbikes.de
Wed Dec 8 14:49:21 UTC 2010


I'm currently working on a backend for my ScanMaker 3800.

First I customized the sm3840 backend to get the scanner identified.  
The SM3840 and SM3800 have the same controller chip SQ Scan08, but the  
register protocol and/or values are not the same. The motor is  
switched on, there is a loud noise, but the shaft doesn't turn. Even  
with the belt removed the result is the same, thus it must be a  
problem with a register value controlling the stepper motor.

At the moment I try to figure out the secrets behind the USB protocol,  
comparing the sm3840 source and SANE logs against the sm3800 Windows  
logs. If there is somebody having some hints for me, you're welcome.

I found the link http://www.sq.com.tw/products/spec/scan08Spec.PDF in  
older posts, but the link is dead. Is there somebody who has a backup  
of this document? Or documents about the newer SQ controller  
Scan09/SQ11/SQ113? Maybe that helps also with the Scan08 chip.

I've asked Microtek for technical documents but was refused.



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