[sane-devel] Bug#597922: Bug#597922: Additional Scanner Logs

Soren Stoutner soren at stoutner.com
Sun Dec 12 03:42:56 UTC 2010


On Sunday, December 05, 2010 05:44:34 pm Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Unfortunately, in your attempts to trim the logs a bit you chomped the
> interesting part.  However, Julien's detective work showed that before
> commit 63a8dd4ebc9535b23d7a922cb0e7a9a682edd955 the backend completely
> ignored the error code at the end of each image data block.  Obviously,
> that'll work just fine if there are no errors so you get a good scan
> with the 1.0.20 version.

In the full logs there never was an error code.  It simple repeated a line 
line this:

[epson2] buf[113] ff .

for 15 MB.  The only difference between each line was the number inside the 
brackets.  Periodically there was also a line that would look like this:

[epson2] ..

> For the time being, I suggest you stick with sane-backends 1.0.20 or try
> the epkowa backend that comes with Image Scan! for Linux.  See

sane-backends 1.0.20 is a difficult long-term solution because it breaks udev on 
my system.  I am hopeful that the fix you have already recommended will solve 
this problem.  I will also take a look at epkowa.


Soren Stoutner
soren at stoutner.com
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