[sane-devel] HP-scanner support

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Dec 15 05:10:51 UTC 2010

Le Sunday 12 December 2010 19:30:00 Igor Zobin, vous avez écrit :
> Hello,
> I use a HP Scanjet 2400, which is recognized by the lsusb as: "ID
> 03f0:0a01 Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 2400c". When starting xsane from the
> terminal, it told me to email you about how well the scanner works.
> The scanner works (b/w only) in Fedora 12 and 13 without any problems,
> Trisquel 4.0 however has some rights issues and xsane sees the scanner
> only if I start it as root. I would appreciate some advice from your
> side in that. How do I make xsane see the scanner in normal-user mode?
> I'm using Trisquel 4.0 tarantis.
> When I try to scan in colour, I get a picture where all the colours are
> out of place. All three components R, G and B are there, but they don't
> match up on the picture which makes it look very funny.
> Another issue I have with the scanner: it only works in 300 dpi. Every
> other resolution will result in one portion of the picture becoming black.
> Other than that, as long I scan in b/w and with 300dpi, it works
> perfect. The picture is of higher quality (higher contrast, very deep
> black) than with the original Windows driver. If the paper I'm scanning
> is thin enough, I am able to read what's written on the OTHER side of
> it, that's how good it is.
> Greets,
> Igor.


	the current status for the HP2400 is only experimental support. It is 
working for a few scan modes. For  this model, someone with the hardware has 
to complete the work.


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