[sane-devel] genesys backend update / Canon LiDE 100 and 200

maitland maitlandvt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 13:15:04 UTC 2010

stef <stef.dev <at> free.fr> writes:

> 	Hello,
> 	with the latest git version of the genesys backend Canon LiDE 100 is now 
> completely supported, and also the LiDE 200 which is only missing 2400 dpi 
> resolution. I'm currently working on 2400 dpi support and it should be 
> available in a couple of weeks.
> 	Bug and success reports are welcomed.

I have a bug for the LiDE 200

My LiDE 200 is trying to run in reverse or something.  Occasionally scanimage
gives I/O error.  other times, the bar just grinds against the top of the
scanner.  scanimage -T gives a PASS on all but the first 2 tests.

I'm using a recent snapshot.  I'm running ubuntu 9.04.

libusb-dev is 2:0.1.12-13   

I'm not sure what other information to provide.  If you need more, please let me
know.  thanks.


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