[sane-devel] Offering assistance for Canon 5600F

Stefan Larsson lastsys at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 09:00:18 UTC 2010


I have looked through the mailing list and I noticed that there seems to be
slow progress in getting the Canon 5600F working.

I am myself interested in getting the 5600F working with Linux and I have a
stationary computer with a 64-bit installation of Arch Linux and a laptop
with 32-bit installation of Fedora 14 available for testing.

If the involved parties could give me an update of the current status I will
compile the current git-code and start testing.

I am also proficient in C/C++, but mostly at application level with less
experience in writing low level drivers. With some guidance I would be able
to tweak the code as well in a short time.

Best Regards,
Stefan Larsson
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