[sane-devel] sane and gt-2500

Wolfram Heider wolframheider at web.de
Tue Jul 6 12:25:02 UTC 2010

On Tue, 06 Jul 2010 12:54:53 +0200, Alessandro <aleuser at inwind.it> wrote:

> From: Wolfram Heider <wolframheider at web.de>
>>> Do you know what append if there are no pages in the ADF and I use the
>>> ADF argument?
>> This is not quite clear to me. If you don't want to use the ADF-unit
>> but just want to scan in flatbed mode you will need no further  
>> arguments.
> I will put this scanner in a office with many users; I have to set it in
> the simpler way I can, without give them two button like "Scan with ADF"
> and "Scan without ADF".. I can always try with ADF and, if there are 0
> scanned pages, I will scan with the A4 planed.
> Mah, I will see :-)

Okay - this setup might be a problem indeed, since there is no automatic  
switch back to flatbed mode as soon one is working with the ADF mode.

>> If ADF isn't essential for you you might have a look on the Avasys
>> website (is Epson actually). There is a list of supported scanners
>> (flatbed too). They have Sane compatibility.
>> In my experience Epson scanners are pretty fast.Sadly,the fastest,the
>> Perfection 1670, isn't available anymore.
> Eh, for example I can see "Perfection 1670: preview in 7 s,  source
> photo 13 x 18 cm in 56 s";  56 seconds ?! And how many seconds for an
> A4? :-)
> Probably it is very fast in 200/300dpi, but on internet I see only
> opinions about photos quality, so we are over 600dpi e over 30 sec, with
> color.

Maybe there did someone a 9600 dpi scan :) . Maybe the tests were done  
under windows (which clearly was slower than the Sane driver). Anyway, in  
my normal use with 300 dpi scans of A4 pages I haven't seen a faster  
scanner till now. And with some photo scans I never got something similar  
like 56 s. However this scanner is out of market since a couple of years,  
so it won't be an option.

> I think there are many fast A4 planed scanners, but I can't understand
> how fast they are

Wolfram Heider

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