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Mark Van den Borre mark+sane at markvdb.be
Sat Jul 10 18:36:21 UTC 2010


I am not a sane developer, but I wonder if you have considered
sheetfed scanners like the Xerox Travel Scanner 100? One can make
these scan never ending lengths of paper.

sane user

2010/7/10 karim moreau <karimmoreau at gmail.com>:
> Hello.
> I'm currently working on an artistic project and am looking for someone with
> technical knowledge (developer, engineer,…) to help me with advice and / or
> assistance.
> Basically, what I am trying to do is to modify a desktop scanner so as to
> significantly increase the size of the scanning surface.
> See figure here : http://www.upian.net/schema.jpg
> What I want to do is, starting with a basic A4 or A3 scanner, to cut it and
> increase substantially the scanning surface "B" of the scanner.
> For instance, an A4 scanner uses a 21cm wide sensor that can scan a 29,7cm
> long surface, from point "p1" to point "p2"
> The idea is to cut the scanner and to increase its length in order to allow
> him to scan a significantly longer surface, up to a point "p3" that could be
> 2m from point "p1".
> The material aspect of that project isn't going to be a problem for me. But
> what I need help for is the software part of the problem : for the driver of
> the scanner has to be partially rewritten or modified so as to allow the
> tracks of the scan to run all the way through (point "p3") but also to
> produce an image that has the new proportions of the scanner.
> Depending on what you are advising, I'm also ready to invest in a specific
> model, if you think the driver of that specific scanner is going to be
> easier to reprogram / modify.
> Thank you very much for any input, advice or help : I'd really like to be
> able to pull this through, so please do not hesitate to share any thoughts
> you have on this, wether you think this is doable or not.
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> Karim Moreau
> 76 rue de la jonquiere
> 75017 paris
> 06 22 18 91 55
> karimmoreau at gmail.com
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