[sane-devel] ICC, white marks, gamma table, scaling artifacts

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 19:19:13 UTC 2010

> I'm using scanimage to make the most accurate scans I can and I have a
> few questions.  Many thanks to anyone who can help with any of these
> issues.
> I've posted on this subject before and Allan told me I should scan a
> color target along with my scans so I can apply an ICC profile.  Can I
> order a color target online?  Is there a particularly one to get?
> white marks
> I'm getting vertical line artifacts whenever I scan the back of a CD.
> I've attached an example of this.  Allan told me I should calibrate
> the scanner, but I've checked the manual, searched the unit's front
> panel, Googled, and called Epson but there doesn't seem to be a
> calibration procedure.  Does anyone know how to set up a "white marks"
> target to eliminate the artifacts?
> gamma table
> I saw mention of gamma tables in the scanimage man page.  Is it
> necessary to use a gamma table for accurate scans?
> scaling artifacts
> When I started scanning at 600 resolution instead of 300, I noticed
> patterned artifacts would appear on the images if they were zoomed to
> certain levels.  For example, the artifacts appear at 50% zoom level
> in both gimp and gthumb but not at 25% or 100%.  It seems like this
> might have to do with the tiny dots that make up the printed images
> I'm scanning?  Can I prevent it from happening?
> - Grant

Can anybody help me out with any of this stuff?  Is there no way to
make accurate scans in Linux?

- Grant

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