[sane-devel] Additional features for Canon 8800 flatbed?

Peter Stoddard pjs at stoddard.us
Sun Jul 25 16:44:34 UTC 2010

I am running Fedora 13.

I bought a canon 8800 flatbed scanner because the sane web page said it
was fully supported  It is seen by Fedora and there are many options for
color balance etc.  But the two things I use most are the "black and
white" option, and the "scan multiple pages into one document" option,
both of which are supported for this scanner on my Mac.

xsane-0.997-10.fc13 (x86_64), and sane-backends 1.0.21-2.fc13 (x86_64)
and the corresponding sane-backends-libs and xsane-gimp-0.997-10.fc13
(x86_64) are installed.

So my three questions are: (1) am I overlooking something in xsane? and
(2) if not, are there any plans to implement these things into sane in
the future?  and maybe (3) is there other software I could be using?
Peter Stoddard  <<<  pjs at stoddard.us  >>>

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