[sane-devel] Rendering Intent for Color Management in XSANE Setup

Enno Fennema e.fennema at tiscali.nl
Thu Jul 29 20:10:20 UTC 2010

Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> Am 28.07.10, 23:08 +0200 schrieb Stephan Maier:

> From and to PCS
> does not count. inProfile -> PCS -> outProfile is considered one transform.
> The PCS is not defined to have an additional step.

Maybe the following slightly different presentation may help

Scanner Colour Space
    transforme by inprofile for the scanner/camera to
    transformed by outprofile for the printer/monitor/whatever to
Output device space.

The first step is almost by definition to a larger colourspace as PCS,
either XYZ or CIElab, covers the full gamut of colours.
The second step almost certainly is into a smaller colourspace.
Here rendering intent indicates the preferred way of compressing all
possible colours into such smaller space.

Enno Fennema

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