[sane-devel] gamma tables

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 19:04:11 UTC 2010

> Experiment.
> allan

I think I'd rather have a table/profile I can rely on, knowing it was
created by a standardized and somewhat automated process like scanning
color targets to create an ICC profile.  If I were to do that, would I
have obtained the same benefit provided by gamma tables, or is it
beneficial to use both in conjunction?

- Grant

>>> First you must make sure that the backend you are using supports the
>>> gamma table options. Some do not, and just have brightness/contrast
>>> type controls.
>>> allan
>> Hi Allan,
>> I can use either the epson2 backend or epkowa and I think one or the
>> other supports gamma tables.  Can you tell me how to determine the
>> gamma, shadow, and highlight values?
>> - Grant
>>>> Since my scans are for on-screen display only, I'd like to use a gamma
>>>> table in place of an ICC profile.  It sounds like I need to determine
>>>> values for gamma, shadow, and highlight so gamma4scanimage can
>>>> generate the gamma table.  How can I determine those values?  Am I
>>>> supposed to scan targets?
>>>> - Grant

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