[sane-devel] Testing on Canon MF6580PL

Peter Schoenrank peter at schoenrank.ca
Sat Jun 5 04:55:46 UTC 2010

On 10-Jun-04, at 12:20, Nicolas Martin wrote to Twain28:

> Do you have the possibility to run a Windows PC with this scanner, to
> get a usb snoop (I can explain you how this is pretty easy) ?

If Twain28 does not have access to a Windows PC, a similar tool, USB Prober, is available for Mac OS X, as part of the Xcode developer tools, although Apple has changed access to the tools such that one must register (for free) as a Mac developer first.

Register as a Mac developer here: 

Once you are registered, download Xcode here:

And, if necessary, download the appropriate IOUSBFamily Log release here:

Assuming a default install of Xcode, USB Prober is here:

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