[sane-devel] trying Canon DR-3080C

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Tue Mar 2 20:32:44 UTC 2010

| From: m. allan noah <kitno455 at gmail.com>

| Go ahead and try it with the current version, and see if that works.
| If you want to build a dev version:

Thanks for the clear and effective recipe.  (I had already rebuilt the
Ubuntu libsane package from source so a lot of the prerequisites were
already in place.)

When I run the new code, I get farther but not far enough.

(It seemed as if the scanner had to be on at boot time.  I guess
hot-plugging doesn't work for SCSI.)

I got the same "cannot get requested buffer size" as before but that
didn't stop the driver.  Lots of promising logging.  But in the end,
the driver didn't recognize the scanner.

Here's the log:

hugh at redace:~/CanonDR3080C$ sudo SANE_DEBUG_CANON_DR=15 scanimage -L
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of canon_dr to 15.
[canon_dr] sane_init: start
[canon_dr] sane_init: canon_dr backend 1.0.35, from sane-backends 1.0.21cvs
[canon_dr] sane_init: finish
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: start
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: reading config file canon_dr.conf
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'scsi CANON CR'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'scsi CANON DR'
[canon_dr] attach_one: start
[canon_dr] attach_one: looking for '/dev/sg2'
[canon_dr] connect_fd: start
[canon_dr] connect_fd: opening SCSI device
[canon_dr] connect_fd: cannot get requested buffer size (2097152/524288)
[canon_dr] wait_scanner: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: start
[canon_dr] sense_handler: start
[canon_dr] Sense=0x6, ASC=0x29, ASCQ=00, EOM=0, ILI=0, info=00000000
[canon_dr] Unit attention: device reset
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: finish
[canon_dr] wait_scanner: finish
[canon_dr] connect_fd: finish
[canon_dr] init_inquire: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: finish
[canon_dr] init_inquire: Found CANON scanner DR-3080C version 2.07 at /dev/sg2
[canon_dr] init_inquire: finish
[canon_dr] init_vpd: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: finish
[canon_dr] init_vpd: length=19
[canon_dr] standard options
[canon_dr]   basic x res: 300 dpi
[canon_dr]   basic y res: 300 dpi
[canon_dr]   step x res: 0 dpi
[canon_dr]   step y res: 0 dpi
[canon_dr]   max x res: 300 dpi
[canon_dr]   max y res: 300 dpi
[canon_dr]   min x res: 100 dpi
[canon_dr]   min y res: 100 dpi
[canon_dr]   60 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   75 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   100 dpi: 1
[canon_dr]   120 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   150 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   160 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   180 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   200 dpi: 1
[canon_dr]   240 dpi: 1
[canon_dr]   300 dpi: 1
[canon_dr]   320 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   400 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   480 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   600 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   800 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   1200 dpi: 0
[canon_dr]   max width: 12096 (10.08 in)
[canon_dr]   max length: 17200 (14.33 in)
[canon_dr]   AWD: 0
[canon_dr]   CE Emphasis: 0
[canon_dr]   C Emphasis: 1
[canon_dr]   High quality: 1
[canon_dr]   grayscale: 1
[canon_dr]   halftone: 1
[canon_dr]   monochrome: 1
[canon_dr]   overflow: 0
[canon_dr] init_vpd: finish
[canon_dr] init_model: start
[canon_dr] init_model: finish
[canon_dr] init_panel: start
[canon_dr] read_panel: start
[canon_dr] read_panel: finish 0
[canon_dr] send_panel: start
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: start
[canon_dr] sense_handler: start
[canon_dr] Sense=0x5, ASC=0x1a, ASCQ=00, EOM=0, ILI=0, info=00000000
[canon_dr] Illegal request: Parameter list error
[canon_dr] do_scsi_cmd: return 'Invalid argument'
[canon_dr] send_panel: finish 4
[canon_dr] init_panel: finish
[canon_dr] disconnect_fd: start
[canon_dr] disconnecting scsi device
[canon_dr] disconnect_fd: finish
[canon_dr] attach_one: model failed
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "vendor-name" to CANON
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "model-name" to DR-2080C
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "version-name" to XXXX
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "padded-read" to 1
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1601'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1602'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1603'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1604'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1606'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1607'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1608'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x1609'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "vendor-name" to CANON
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "model-name" to DR-2050C
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "version-name" to XXXX
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: setting "padded-read" to 1
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x160a'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x160b'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x160c'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x160f'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x04a9 0x2222'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x1614'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x1617'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x1618'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x161a'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x161b'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x161d'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: looking for 'usb 0x1083 0x1620'
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: found 0 scanner(s)
[canon_dr] sane_get_devices: finish
device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname Hauppauge HVR-1600 virtual device
[canon_dr] sane_exit: start
[canon_dr] sane_exit: finish
hugh at redace:~/CanonDR3080C$ exit

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