[sane-devel] MP210 or PIXMA MP210 under Slackware13.0 not working...

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Sun Mar 7 02:04:45 UTC 2010

Hi Nicolas :)

Nicolas Martin wrote:
> AFAIK, the Pixma protocol, which MP210 uses, is different from the one
> implemented in canon630u, and I guess MP210 won't be able to work with
> that backend.

Yes you are correct there ;)  Although it does pick up the scanner in 
the canon630u.conf file.

> FYI, the pixma.conf file is only for network Pixma models, that use
> Canon's bjnp network protocol, and you can set in this file the scanner
> ip, if it does not get autodetected by the pixma backend.

So, which conf file holds the data for the device? i.e., 
> Good to read about your success!

And thank you too. Looking forward to doing a write up at SlackWiki for 
this :)

> Regards
> Nicolas
> Le samedi 06 mars 2010 à 04:20 -0800, Bradley D. Thornton a écrit :
>> Hey thanks Nicolas!
>> Slackware 13.0 ships with 1.0.19, and in the Slackware-current 
>> repository there were packages for 1.0.20, which broke everything until 
>> I upgraded lib4vl and installed libjpeg, then everything sprung to life.
>> There was (I think a man page) that explained that canon630u worked with 
>> the MP210, but I'm guessing there's a difference between the PIXMA MP210 
>> and the other, which was autodetected.
>> I removed the autodetected MP210 in canon630u and added 'pixma' in 
>> dll.conf - even though the pixma.conf file was already there.
>> There's still nothing in my pixma.conf file, which has me scratching my 
>> head, but xsane is totally rocking now :)
>> I'm not sure if I would have had permission problems as an unpriv'd user 
>> or not, but from the get go I added the unpriv'd uid to the following in 
>> /etc/group: plugdev, and scanner, among others.
>> I d/l'd a script from a friend to detect and set perms, and placed it in 
>> /etc/rc.d/rc.local, but again, I don't know if that was really needed to 
>> help since the scanner still didn't work until I upgraded to sane-1.0.20 
>> with the two other libraries.
>> I'm going to set up an old dummy box to check and see exactly where the 
>> device will start working, by beginning immediately with the upgrade of 
>> the backend and libs, and then take it from there so I can do a write up 
>> for the next poor soul who finds himself in the same pickle as I was in 
>> too :)
>> Thanks for all your work on this project and your support as well!
>> Kindest regards,
>> Bradley.
>> Nicolas Martin wrote:
>>> MP210 is well supported by Sane (should be OK with 1.0.20, but better
>>> install Sane git and recompile now that you're here), I don't know which
>>> version of Sane ships with Slackware 13.0, but the MP210 is a Pixma
>>> model, and uses the Sane pixma backend to operate. NOT canon630u.
>>> After browsing quickly through the thread you're indicating, here are
>>> some pointers to help you set up your Pixma:
>>> - be sure the pixma backend is enabled in dll.conf
>>> - check the version of Sane you're using. MP210 is supported since Sane
>>> 1.0.20, but better install Sane git as you'll benefit from latest
>>> enhancements and fixes
>>> - check the usb perms. This is is a recurring issue, so first try under
>>> root to have your scanner recognized and handled. If it works with root,
>>> then go ahead with a normal user account, and check the perms the
>>> scanner gets for r & w, you can use the udev rules if your distribution
>>> uses them to tweak the usb devices perms.
>>> - take some logs to see in more depth what's going on:
>>> $ export SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA=11
>>> $ scanimage -L
>>> $ scanimage -T
>>> These commands will become your friends.
>>> Hope it helps, good luck, and feel free to post if you need more help.
>>> Nicolas
>>> Le vendredi 05 mars 2010 à 17:33 -0800, Bradley D. Thornton a écrit :
>>>> Hello.
>>>> I've been having some difficulties in setting up my PIXMA MP210 scanner 
>>>> under Slackware 13.0.
>>>> I could really use some help here, and to save a long, drawn out 
>>>> explanation here covering everything I've been wrestling with over the 
>>>> last two days, There is a very detailed thread I've posted here:
>>>> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/problems-setting-up-scanner-in-slackware-13.0-793324/
>>>> Basically, my scanner is being detected as an MP210 just fine, but it's 
>>>> using the canon630u.conf, and there wasn't any pixma.conf in 
>>>> /etc/sane.d/, although there is a pixma entry in dll.conf as well as a 
>>>> canon630u entry.
>>>> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This has me pulling my hair 
>>>> out :)

Kindest regards,

Bradley D. Thornton
Manager Network Services
NorthTech Computer
TEL: +1.760.666.2703

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