[sane-devel] Backend for plustek Opticbook 3600

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Tue Mar 9 05:15:54 UTC 2010

Le lundi 8 mars 2010 17:20:23 Chris Berry, vous avez écrit :
> Ok Stef I have a bit more time to concentrate on this at the minute. I
> have updated the white_shading.pnm and included it at
> http://sites.google.com/site/bez625/updates-1/update080310 there is also
> a copy of the latest scan there too. I only have 20 shading lines in the
> shading area because there is a lot of blue in that area. Should I widen
> it (more shading lines) or should those blue areas be included?
> Also how do I disable the averaging? Is it a software thing or is it on
> one of the registers? I'm also not too sure what you mean about the
> offset, is it the DAC offset?
> Thanks
> Chris

	the white shading picture must be all white. The picture you posted is mostly 
OK, but there is still some blue on the right. This is not a blocker, but it 
will certainly have to be fixed to reach best image quality.
	By averaging, I was thinking of the AVEENB bit of register 3 which tells the 
ASIC to delete extra data points or average them to produce data from higher 


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