[sane-devel] Limits on scan width Epson v500 Linux Epkowa

Alesh Slovak alesh.slovak at avasys.jp
Wed Mar 24 23:34:25 UTC 2010

Dan Blacker wrote:
> My prefered workflow is to use Vuescan, as opposed to xsane, or scanimage.
> When scanning the full width of the TPU with vuescan at 6400dpi, there 
> are no error messages, but vuescan automatically scans the image at 
> 3200dpi instead.
I'm afraid I don't know anything about Vuescan, so I can't really help you 
there. But it seems like you may have forgotten to remove the "GT-X770" line 
from the fs-blacklist. A "make install" may have overwritten your changes if you 
made them earlier.

> Do you know if I can set these X and Y resolutions differently in iscan?
No, iscan doesn't allow for setting independent X and Y resolutions directly.

> I will do some more testing later - but If I can't get this working I 
> was considering upgrading to an Epson v700. Does this have similar 
> problems? Or as I understand it, is it handled by a different driver.
According to iscan's NEWS file, the V700 does not require a proprietary plugin 
so doesn't have the same limitation that required you to edit the source. If you 
do end up using the epkowa backend with the V700 you will still need to edit the 
fs-blacklist (remove reference to GT-X900) to be able to scan larger areas at 
higher resolutions. Again, I'll cite the obligatory notice of the 
unsupported/untested nature of doing this.

Happy scanning,
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