[sane-devel] Scanning multipage documents with an ADF

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Tue Mar 30 04:48:29 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I know this is a support question, not a developer question, but the
support forum seems to be full of spammers rather than real people...

I'm trying to work out how i can do multi-page scans to a single PDF
document in one click with my HP MFP device (an OfficeJet Pro L7350),
and i've had no luck so far.

If i choose the multipage tool in xsane i need to press the scan button
for each page, so that's not a good solution, since i have hundreds of
pages that i need to scan (most are documents of 10 pages or less).  If
i use the save tool, set the number of pages to scan to (say) 99, and
then scan a 15 page document, it creates a separate PDF document for
every single page.  What am i doing wrong?

I'm using xsane version 0.996-2ubuntu1.1 on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (karmic)

Thanks in advance,

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