[sane-devel] Backend for plustek Opticbook 3600

Chris Berry s0457957 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Tue Mar 30 07:53:20 UTC 2010

Hi Stef, I take it that you have now received my preliminary copy of my 
report. I will send you a completed copy when I am done.

I have a question about the image scans at 1200+ dpi. When attempting 
scans at these resolutions I only get half an image. A little 
investigation has led me to find that the max dpi register is set to 
1200 (from windows driver) BUT i still get half an image when half_ccd 
is set to true *and* false when i do a scan.

As I am very close to handing in my report any information you can give 
me would be helpful if I can include it :)

Thanks again for all the help you have given me with this, i definitely 
owe you a beer or two :)


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