[sane-devel] segfault in sane_net_get_devicesconnecting to network saned

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Tue May 11 15:42:16 UTC 2010

Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca> wrote:


>> That's what you get for using a proprietary backend that isn't properly
>> integrated in the system (udev/consolekit).
> So, is this just comment on the permissions issue or the the segfault -- which
> is the original point of this report/thread?

[X] All of the above
> And you don't need to preach to me about binary drivers.  I know all about it 
> and in fact did a round or two with somebody on the open-printing list about 
> warning others about the evilness of the support for this printer.  To my 
> chagrin they were entirely forgiving about it, being thankful that Brother 
> supplied at least binary drivers.  :-(

Did you contact Brother asking them to contribute the code to their
driver to SANE? Because that's actually what you should do. That, and
letting them know that you're ditching their hardware for something

> software and open standards, so I can either have it doing nothing more than 
> holding down paper or I can try to work within the boundaries set by my well-
> meaning Mom.

Or you put it up on Ebay and get supported hardware to replace it :)

> Ultimately, xsane works with the binary driver and saned doesn't.  To me 
> (admittedly, an outsider) at least, it sounds like saned is doing and/or
> expecting something that xsane isn't and if we could determine what that 
> difference in handling is, we could fix a segfault in saned.

When scanning with xsane as a user, the permissions are set for you by
ConsoleKit (after udev enabled that when you plugged the scanner in).

saned just doesn't benefit from this, not being a regular user logged in
on the "console".

So you need to configure your system properly, and, in that regard,
reading /usr/share/doc/sane-utils/README.Debian will help a lot.

Assuming, of course, that Ubuntu did not break the scanner group in
their ConsoleKit setup.


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