[sane-devel] segfault in sane_net_get_devicesconnectingto network saned

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue May 11 20:02:24 UTC 2010

m. allan noah <kitno455 <at> gmail.com> writes:
> why not try running saned under xinetd, and see if it plays nicer?

No go, but in just ensuring that xinetd was running the server, by using strace 
the problem had new light shone on it.  The root issue seems to be a permissions 
issue on /usr/local/...  brscan3 wants to read some files in there.

On my machine /usr/local is mounted via NFS4/Kerberos.  So when I run saned -a 
saned with -d at my shell prompt, the needed tickets were available for saned to 
access /usr/local.  When started from an initscript and changing it's working
UID to saned, permissions were not available to read /usr/local.

TBH, this is one aspect of the Kerberized NFS that I am not entirely clear on, 
but now that I know exactly what the problem is, I have something to chase down 

Thanx for all the help!


P.S. Can you add this printer:

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 04f9:01e9 Brother Industries, Ltd 

to the list of printers in the udev rules file.  It's a Brother DCP-7040.

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