[sane-devel] segfault in sane_net_get_devicesconnectingto network saned

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu May 13 14:54:53 UTC 2010

m. allan noah <kitno455 <at> gmail.com> writes: 
> Please register for an account on alioth, and I will give you git
> commit perms to maintain the brother.desc files. You will also want to
> go thru the archives of this mailing list and find prior reports which
> we have ignored, and stay subscribed to the list so that you may
> continue to keep the file up to date based on user feedback in the
> future.

~sigh~  Why do you have to try to make it out to be a bigger issue than it is?  
All I am asking for is the addition of the USB id of a known printer/scanner 
device such that it's permissions will be set appropriately?

There is no "ongoing maintenance" of such a task.  You do it once and be done 
with it.  As Ron Popeil says, set it and forget it.

> You might even consider downloading the brother drivers
> (windows or linux) and attempt to extract the list of supported usb
> ids.

That's not even necessary.  If others happen to have a printer they can identify 
as not being in the list of IDs then it's a simple matter of just reporting it, 
as I have done and asking it to be added.

Again, I understand your lack of enthusiasm for binary-only drivers.  I support 
that lack of enthusiasm and share it.  But I don't believe in making users
suffer unnecessarily for the short-sightedness of a hardware vendor.

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