[sane-devel] Scan server = saned + xinetd?

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Fri May 14 04:23:36 UTC 2010

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Grant さんは書きました:
> I've had a scan server set up for a while which uses saned via xinetd.
>  Is there a simpler way to set up a scan server with fewer permissions
> to grant?  The configuration seems a lot more complex than my printer
> server which has only cupsd.conf config on the server and client.conf
> config on the client.

That's partly because the CUPS daemon is running independently and
continuously.  With a xinetd + saned setup, xinetd is listening for
requests and starts saned every time it gets a request on port 6566.

You could try a setup where you have saned running independently, just
like cupsd, without xinetd.

Note that with saned your scan server still communicates with a local
USB device.  That is, saned is the scan server's SANE frontend of
choice.  The client then uses the SANE net backend (via the client's
SANE frontend of choice) to talk to the server.

> I noticed that /etc/sane.d/* has network ability, but that's for
> communicating with a network scanner directly, right?

Depends on what * stands for ;-)

> I tried to set up network scanning with epkowa and my Epson Artisan
> 710 but I couldn't get it to work, I think because I don't know which
> port to define on the scanner's IP.  Does anyone have any suggestions
> for that?

First of all, you need the (binary-only, non-free) iscan-network-nt
package installed.  Second, you need to follow the instructions in
/etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf WRT configuring a network scanner.  There is no
need to specify a port number, the default (1865) should do.  Follow the
instructions in the product manual to determine/assign the IP address of
the device.

Note that with this setup your SANE frontend of choice communicates with
the device via the epkowa backend over a network connection.  Neither
saned nor the SANE net backend are involved.

If that still does not make things work, your client machine's network
setup (or a router somewhere on the way to the device) may be blocking
the network traffic.  Darned firewalls.
Another reason we are aware of is the epson2 backend getting in the way.
 Disabling that in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf may help.

FWIW, the epson2 backend may also support the device's network interface
but that will not work with Image Scan! for Linux.  As Alesh pointed out
earlier, iscan only caters to the epkowa backend.

Hope this helps,
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