[sane-devel] Epson Stylus SX410 is not recognized although it is listed as supported

kltrg m.kltrg at googlemail.com
Sat May 15 16:11:17 UTC 2010

 > What version of sane-backends are you running? 

Here it is again:
:~$ scanimage --version
scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.21cvs; backend version 1.0.21
I installed it using this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/+archive/sane-backends

> Looking at current
> git, that code path is protected by an if(hw_supports).  Not sure how
> your getting it unless its old software.

I'm sorry but I don't quit understand what you are saying here. I'm not a coder.


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