[sane-devel] OCR with Xsane?

Ralph D rdumain at hotmail.com
Wed May 19 00:32:30 UTC 2010

Thanks to all for responses. I'm having a problem with the actual scanning of images using gscan2pdf, but rather than addressing that here, is there a users' group for gscan2pdf?

> Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 17:10:56 +0200
> From: jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com
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> Subject: Re: [sane-devel] OCR with Xsane?
> On 17 May 2010 23:58, Torfinn Ingolfsen <tingox at gmail.com> wrote:
> > FWIW; I use gscan2pdf[1], which have a couple of ocr programs "built in". I
> Ubuntu has gscan2pdf, so you just need to
> $ sudo apt-get install gscan2pdf
> This gives you tesseract and ocropus from the GUI. cuneiform support
> will be in the upcoming version. Get it now from the git repository on
> sourceforge if you can't wait.
> Regards
> Jeff
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