[sane-devel] hp 7650 hangs at higher res, inter alia

Michael J Eurice mike.eurice at verizon.net
Thu May 20 00:28:47 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I recently installed an hp 7650 usb scanner (previously functioning with 
Win2K) on my Dell PE840 server running Ubuntu 10.04.  Sane-utils 
1.0.20-13ubuntu2 provides the device interface and client access is 
through Xsane 0.996-2ubuntu1.1.  The scanner passes on scanimage 
--test.  I am able to scan color and mono and scan multipage documents 
up to a resolution of 300dpi, but above that the scanner hangs part of 
the way through the first page.  Another issue, which I worked around, 
was that the units were in inches but the digits were the corresponding 
centimeter value; I forced the size to 8.5 x 11 inches and sorted out 
that issue.  Now the scanner captures all of the first page and about 
0.3 inches of the second page, producing a cumulative page content error 
for all subsequent pages.  I set the page length to 10.700 inches to 
work around that issue, but any residual error will grow to the point of 
being a problem for larger documents.  It seems as though sane is not 
looking for the end of the page, and I believe that detection capability 
exists in this hp device.  It also seems like I am violating some page 
or file size limit when I raise the scan resolution, but my search 
turned up no reference to such a configuration parameter.

The sane website reports this scanner as status "complete" and describes 
the device in the hp5590 manpage: ScanJet 7650, USB, 0x03f0/0x1805, 
Complete, Lineart/grayscale/color (24 bit), 100/200/300/600/1200/2400 
DPI, flatbed/ADF/ADF duplex/TMA slides/TMA negatives, hp5590 (1.0.5), 
sane-hp5590.  The scanner is also properly described on both the server 
and the client in response to the scanimage -L command.  It seems 
unlikely that I had a hardware failure coincident with moving the usb 
cable between two side by side towers.

Am I missing a config file or configuration parameter that will resolve 
the resolution and pagelength issues?  Do you know where I can find a 
thread or application note on these issues?  Is there another backend 
that better supports the hp 7650?


Michael J Eurice

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