[sane-devel] Uniscan D50 scanner cannot work

Ondrej Zary linux at rainbow-software.org
Thu May 20 12:17:41 UTC 2010

On Thursday 20 May 2010, Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
> 2010/5/20 ?? <bzongbzongbzong at 163.com>:
> > Hi,
> > ??? I have an old Uniscan D50 USB scanner, which was
> > produced by a Chinese company, Qinghua Ziguang.
> > I tried in Fedora 8/11/12, but it didn't work. Some useful
> > information, I think, is that when adding a line
> > usb 0x1606 0x0170
> You are running a very old sane-backends. Too bad it does not give any
> information about the chipset used. I suggest you try the latest
> sane-backends: 1.0.21. Maybe you will get more useful information from
> it because at latest sane I note that there are several models of the
> brand UMAX that have the 0x1606 vendor ID and are supported by a
> variety of backends depending on the chip used:
> - plustek
> - rts8891
> - umax1220u
> So please see what output you can get from the latest SANE.

This is from Uniscan D50 windows INF files:
; UMAX Astra 4800/4850 for Windows 98
; Writing by Vikas on 16th May 2003.
; Copyright by UMAX Data Sys. Inc.
%Leopard.DeviceDesc24% = Leopard.Scanner,  USB\VID_1606&PID_0170

This is from UMAX Astra 4800:
; UMAX Astra 4800 for Windows XP
; Writing by Wen-Yung Huang on 24th Dec 2002.
; Copyright by UMAX Data Sys. Inc.
%Leopard.DeviceDesc% = Leopard.Scanner,  USB\VID_1606&PID_0350

So Uniscan D50 seems to be very close to UMAX Astra 4800/4850, if not the same 
with only ID changed.

Ondrej Zary

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