[sane-devel] Reflective surface artifacts?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri May 21 17:35:24 UTC 2010

> No. A profile is good to shift all the pixels based on color, not some
> of them based on position. There are several choices:
> machine is self calibrating via internal white marks
> it needs help from the driver via internal white marks
> it needs help from driver and a white calibration sheet
> etc
> Which of these it is decides how you fix it.
> allan

Thank you Allan.  I'll look into this.

- Grant

>>> imperfect calibration.
>>> allan
>> Is it the type of thing that can be corrected vian an LProf ICC profile?
>> - Grant
>>>> I always scan the front and back of new CDs I buy.  I'm noticing
>>>> strange vertical lines on all of the reflective surfaces on the back
>>>> of my CDs with my Epson Artisan 710.  This didn't happen with my
>>>> Artisan 700.  I've attached samples.  Does this look familiar to
>>>> anyone?
>>>> - Grant

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