[sane-devel] RGBI file format

Enno Fennema e.fennema at tiscali.nl
Wed May 26 10:26:25 UTC 2010

I am looking for a good file format to save scanned RGBI images, that is
 like a RGBA file but an infrared instead of a transparency byte for
each pixel. Sane once (and maybe still) transfered RGBI info but I am
not sure it was ever written to a file.

An additional requirement is that the file must specify the resolution
it was scanned at.

The best I can up with is the SGI RGB format. It includes any number of
channels, does not explicitly declare resolution but that could be
written in the NAME field. I mildly dislike the consecutive rather than
interlaced writing of sample values but otherwise it looks good.

I prefer to stick to (or close to) some existing format, preferably one
with an open source library for reading/writing.

Would appreciate comments or better suggestions.


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