[sane-devel] nikon coolscan 9000

Gerber van der Graaf gerber.vdgraaf at gmail.com
Sat May 29 15:03:56 UTC 2010

Some time ago I asked on this list if somebody is still working on a
driver for the Nikon coolscan 9000 ED. The most recent development I
found is the coolscan9k.patch from Rob Sims. This patch has been packed
already some time ago (June 13 2008). I tried several times to contact
this developer, though unfortunately without getting a reply. Did
anybody do some new development on this driver? I am really looking
forward to use this excellent scanner with FOSS, like samne. There is no
doubt other (professional and amateur) photographers are appreciating
this scanner very much for medium format (see, for example photo.net
Medium format forum). 

Thanks very much,
Gerber van der Graaf
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