[sane-devel] Saned not working any more in Lucid

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Fri Nov 19 08:46:03 UTC 2010


On Nov 18 17:40 Lutz Andersohn wrote (shortened):
> The syslog file on startup says that
> "Bind failed (address already in use (errno = 98). service = saned"
> followed by "Service saned failed to start and is deactivated."

Another process is already using the same port which should be
used by the saned. The usual "sane-port" is 6566, see /etc/services
and/or see the xinetd file for the saned which port is defined there,
see also "man saned".

Assume it is port 6566, then you could run
   netstat -nap | grep 6566
to show the process which is already using this port.

Often such a process uses a port only for a short time
so that "netstat -nap | grep 6566" may show nothing.

In this case you could restart the xinetd and then it should work
and "netstat -nap | grep 6566" would usually show something like
   tcp ... 0 ...* ... LISTEN .../xinetd
i.e. the xinetd is listening (the xinetd would start the actual
saned when a client connects to port 6566) when then saned
is used in its default mode (see "man saned").

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