[sane-devel] Hello, and HP C3180 drivers

brian at amason.net brian at amason.net
Sun Nov 21 21:40:30 UTC 2010

I have an HP 3180. It uses the hplip drivers I suppose. Never really paid
much attention to it. It's always worked fine at printing and scanning.
One of the best printers I've ever had.

On Thu, November 11, 2010 8:19 am, Johannes Meixner wrote:
> Hello,
> On Nov 10 18:59 Robert Charlesworth wrote (shortened):
>> I have an old HP C3180 all-in-one Printer Scanner Copier,
>> which no longer prints, but I still want to retain as a scanner.
>> The SANE database online lists it as 'unsupported'
> It seems what the SANE database online shows at
> http://www.sane-project.org/cgi-bin/driver.pl?manu=&model=3180&bus=any&v=&p=
> is a contradiction in itself:
> It lists the HP Photosmart C3180 as explicitly "unsupported" by SANE
> (actually the device is listed for the "unsupported" backend)
> but also as "good" supported by the external backend "hpaio"
> which is provided by HP's HPLIP software, see
> http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/photosmart/photosmart_c3100_series.html
> I think that devices which are supported by an external backend
> should not be listed for the "unsupported" backend in SANE.
> I think the "unsupported" backend in SANE is only for devices which
> are known to be neither supported by a built-in backend in SANE
> nor by an external backend for SANE.
> At least this is how I understand the "Comment" for
> the "unsupported" backend in SANE:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Backend: unsupported
> ...
> Comment: The devices mentioned here are not supported by
> any SANE backend. However, there may be links to information
> about them or stand-alone programs.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> For me "any SANE backend" means both built-in backends in SANE
> and external backends for SANE.
> In contrast a real built-in backend in SANE like "hp" might list
> the HP Photosmart C3180 with status "unsupported" in compliance
> to what a particular backend's status "unsupported" for a
> particular device means:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Legend:
> ...
>    Status:
>    ...
>      unsupported means the device is not supported at least by
>      this backend. It may be supported by other backends, however.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kind Regards
> Johannes Meixner
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