[sane-devel] Backend for plustek Opticbook 3600

Michael Rickmann mrickma at gwdg.de
Mon Nov 29 08:41:00 UTC 2010

Hello Chris, hello everybody else,
I am new here. Thanks to your work, Chris and your sources ( 
http://sites.google.com/site/bez625/updates-1/update120410 ) I can use 
an Optibook 3600 under Sane for scanning in some pics for my lectures. 
You can find my current diffs in 
cb-pobook-initial.diff is how I transposed Chris' work to Sane git 
3de5c8738 (Mon Nov 8 18:01:29 2010 +0100). shifted-shading.diff contains 
my own work, a rather strange shading function in which the color matrix 
is rotated every 256 values. I found that by writing less than 3 color 
channels. In the same directory you can find some test scans at 
different dpi. The 600dpi one is a bit marginal as we do not yet use 
offset and gain calibration. 1200dpi scans do not work yet.
For everybody who is willing to test the backend I have also put the 
Ubuntu packages up which I use.

Am 25.11.2010 19:57, schrieb Chris Berry:
> Hey all,
> Sorry for my absence any of those who were waiting on the support for 
> this scanner, I had a massive internet problem then started a new job 
> so things got held back. A quick update to the project: I managed to 
> get most of the basic functionality together in my test bed, which 
> still works, unfortunately I've tried a couple of times to add my code 
> into a current git repository and everytime I do I am not seeing the 
> same results.
> One big part of why I didnt merge straight off the original was that I 
> was using an IDE to code and it went and screwed all the whitespace 
> up, so now I have a diff on every line :(. If anyone has any 
> suggestions about how I should proceed for including this in the git 
> repository i'd be grateful for advice, as I understand there are a few 
> people around the world wanting to use this hardware.
> Thanks
> Chris

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