[sane-devel] Help with Kodak please

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Thu Oct 14 03:12:53 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag 14 Oktober 2010, um 03:29:34 schrieb Todd Deshane:
> In this thread
> (http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/sane-devel/2010-October/027522.h
> tml), here are the suggestions:
> "Get a log of the scanner making a small, low res scan in windows, using
> this:
> http://www.pcausa.com/Utilities/UsbSnoop/

Actually, since the device is a network scanner, you can use wireshark.  If 
you really want to develop a driver yourself, I suggest to use Windows inside 
VirtualBox to do test scans (you will have to do a lot of them!). You can then 
have wireshark running under linux and capture the traffic to the scanner (even 
for USB scanners).

As a first step, I suggest to capture
1) a simple scanner open/connect (i.e. start capturing in wireshark, then open 
the scanner wizzard, where the scanner should then be detected) and 
2) a simple preview scan (lowest res) in B/W of the whole FBF

These should give you a very rough idea how complex the protocol is, and 
whether it resembles some other already known protocol.

That's how I'm reverse-engineering the protocols of several konica minolta 
devices (http://wiki.kainhofer.com/hardware/magicolor_scan and 


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