[sane-devel] Canon lide 80

Ludovic Andrivon andrivon at cial.ca
Wed Oct 27 04:15:07 UTC 2010


I  have a Canon Lide 80, I switch to linux in 2007 and subscribe to this 
list in 2008...
So when I need to scan i have to start a virtual machine with windows XP 
because this scanner is listed as unsupported.
Since 2008 I learn a few things and may be I can help making this 
scanner as supported even is my background as programmer is more Cobol 

 From what I read on the list  I completed the following steps:
On my computer running Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64 2.6.32-25-generic #45
- star  Virtual Box with windows XP
- install USBsnoop
- log the calibration phase
- log a small black and white scan at 75 dpi
- log a small color scan at 75 dpi

- get a fresh copy of sane fron git and compile it
- change some genesys_device files so my scanner can be recognized and 
use canon lide 60 as model
- run /usr/local/bin/sane-find-scanner
  found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon], product=0x2214 [CanoScan], 
chip=GL842) at libusb:001:006
- run /usr/local/bin/scanimage > test.png
the scanner moved and start scanning for 5 seconds then stop and get 
stuck as I 'm rigth now ;-)

You can find all files and logs at the following web site:

What can be the next steps ?


andrivon at cial.ca

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