[sane-devel] Lexmark 74 - first results

Torsten Houwaart ToHo at gmx.de
Sun Oct 31 23:49:58 UTC 2010


> If you double checked the X74 is rts8852 based, you can send patches to 
the mailing list for the lexmark backend.
How can i make sure ?
I've had some very promising results. I was able to get scans at 75dpi greyscale and colour. So I guess that means it is rts8852 based. Right?

I had to adjust just a few registers which -I think- regard the scanner. But I had to change quite a lot of registers for the motor.
The registers 0xe0 - 0xef are described in lexmark_low.c as "motor curve stuff".
When I used register settings that all the other Lexmark models use the scanner head wouldn't start moving.
So I used register settings for 0xe0-0xef I found by a whole page scan sniff in Windows.
Could somebody explain to me how these registers work ?
Especially: How universal are they. Can I just sniff the windows driver for all the different resolutions (75, 150, 300, 600) dpi for the two modes (gray, colour)? There is also a scanner mode where just the scanner head is moving with no light, must this have different motor curve settings ?

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