[sane-devel] Canon CanoScan 9000F (similar to 8800F) supported by sane?

Al Bogner sane at ml093.pinguin.uni.cc
Mon Sep 6 18:20:14 UTC 2010

Am Mo, 06 Sep 2010 22:55:55 CEST schrieb Gernot Hassenpflug:

Hi Gernot,

> >> Al- you would need to get a USB sniffer log of the machine making a
> >> low resolution scan of a small area, and send a compressed copy of
> >> that log to this list. Someone here (Gernot, Nicolas) should be
> >> able to quickly determine if it uses the same protocol.
> Hi, quick message only: 9000F is working, only needs 9600dpi
> resolution in TPU mode implemented correctly, other than that all
> resolutions work. Code will be sent for checking & committing as soon
> as final checks are done. Cannot give estimate before available from
> CVS but in 1 week I should be able to supply test code to interested
> parties who do not want to wait.

That's very good news. I think my scanner is broken. In the afternoon I
had a problem to switch it on and get the blue light. Then I could
switch it on again and now everything stays dark.

Should lsusb show any info of the scanner? I have problems with
Windows XP too, after I installed the driver and dis-/connected the
scanner. The scanner was never recognized by Windows or Linux.

Actually I do not need the scanner working for productive things at the
moment. I do not want to buy a scanner, which doesn't work with linux.
The 8800F are still available and I have to make a decision, if I
should by the old model because of compatibility reasons. But if you
say, the 9000F will work in the future for sure, this helps me a lot.

The main task will be to scan invoices and papers like this with 150dpi
in lineart, so nothing special. But sometimes I would like to use the
film guide mount with bigger film formats than 35mm. That's why I think
of this scanner.

I am not experienced with cvs and sane. How long do you think it takes,
that the driver will be released in a repo? With opensuse I couldn't
find the "old" 8800F driver. Is there a "factory-repo" for Opensuse
11.2 and sane?


PS: I am unsure if I should send a copy of the mail to you and the
list. So if you don't like this, let me know. Very often I got answers
with a mail to the list and a pm.

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